• My story 

    I am a graduate student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I love programming and creating apps that can make life fun and easier.

    My Passion

    I like simple, practical but effective system/project. Over complex or over optimizing implementations are the least thing that I like. 

    What I do

    Develop web and mobile apps.

    Contribute to open source project - Kafka.

  • Projects

    Go Bang


    • Implemented an intelligent Gobang game solver independently that can play game with human.

    • The solver applies alpha-beta search algorithm and is able to find the best action within next 7-rounds in 5 seconds.

    • It is written in 2000 lines Java code.

    • I have had a lot of fun playing with this program.


    CheckPlease, PennApps XII


    Swift, Microsoft Azure

    • An innovative integrated payment IOS application (CheckPlease).

    • It enables instant bill share with friends anytime anywhere by simply scanning auto-generated QR code.

    • Integrated Microsoft Azure database for data storage and query.

    • Integrated Venmo API to enable instant payment.



    A social network web application

    Awarded the most technology challenged project


    Technology used: AWS EC2, Oracle SE, JSP, Java servlet, HTML, CSS

    A social network web application for movie fans in Java Servlet and JSP, based on TMDB and MovieLens databases.

    Implemented features like searching movie/user/group, making friends with other

    users, posting status, creating group/event and sharing/rating movies etc.

    Integrated with Facebook Login, Google Search to provide more services.

    Rate My Semester

    A semester/course rating app for Upenn students

    Implemented an android App for Upenn students to rate their semester in terms of three aspects of their class selection: quality, difficulty and workload.

    Integrated with Parse for data storage and query.


  • Keep in Touch! 


    Thank you for visiting my personal web page. If you would like to learn more about me, please feel free to contact me by email: zhuchen@seas.upenn.edu or just click the links below to see my social network pages!